Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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17 Funny But Creative Shop Names You Will Only Find In India

We Indians are die hard funny and adaptive. We know how to use situation to our benefit and how to copy things and still giving it an original touch. Here are some ridiculously funny but creative Shop Names that you will only find in India. Fourth one surprised me because of its creativity, totally hilarious.

1. Time for a Status Update...

 2. This is what Engineers in India do.

3. In Haryana, it would have been "Mahara(our) Donald" !

4. English Translation : Hospital for Injured Shoes. Isn't that height of creative thinking.

5. After WhatsApp Mobile Chat Application, they have opened a Maggi Shop.

6. Either the owner is Proud about himself or he has no idea !

7. No comments for this one.

8. Tigress's Milk available here. Indian Wine Shop.

9. Notorious Egg Vendor...This is cool !

10. We love giving things a little Indian touch.

11. I guess they must be served before Suhaag Raat !!

12. More like Animal HUSBANDary !!

13. Finally a Shop for Men ;)

14. We have a unique love for English. We always try to take it to the next level.

15. Come again and again and over again. 

16. They mean "Chilled Beer"

17. Specially for the UPA President, Italian Sambhar ;) :P

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