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Easiest way to get a Website made and hosted - 1&

Easiest way to get a Website made and hosted - 1&
Website creation and hosting world and everything in cyberspace is so vibrant that it is not easy to catch hold of a website and pin it down to a rating. But when it comes to creating your own website and getting it hosted, you do not have to worry about anything as long as 1&1 is with you. It is the one of the biggest web hosting company in the web-hosting world.

When I was young i used to wonder ,How people create websites? When will i have my own website? Most of the people do feel the same, but these days it is a lot more easier to get one. You do not have to worry about learning various scripting languages, to create a beautiful website.

And with 1&1, all the steps are well covered, from registering a domain name, to getting a server for your website. From creating your website, to making it successful.

Services :

Its basic features are 10 GB of disk space, 250 email accounts Unlimited bandwidth, 10 MySQL databases, Linux and Windows hosting, 24/7 FTP account access, 24/7 customer support, Web site statistics, free search engine ad credits, free setup and over 50 applications. Some of the extra features like Email forwarder, custom control panel bandwidth, number of domains and 25 sub domains, and free instant activation and free lifelong domain name, anytime money-back guarantee.
Easiest way to get a Website made and hosted - 1&

It offers the best security system the pre-reservation of one or more domains with the new extensions in the 1&1 database is completely free of charge, with no obligation or risk. When it comes to picking a server, most consumers are confused about just how big their operation is, and how many resources they will require. In response, 1&1 has classified its dedicated server products into three categories: large (L), extra large (XL) or extra large (XXL). It is just like shopping for a shirt: judge the size of your operation and match it to the correspondingly powerful dedicated server plan that the company offers.

Briefly, is a Great Choice. Offerings provided by 1&1 are proof that customers can pursue a dedicated server without experience all of the compromises in features, service and features that some companies may force them to accept. For these reasons, 1&1 is a strong option for budget-minded consumers and business professionals looking for a dedicated server. In this website, you can register domain name and host your website in a sustainable rate.

About the Company :

1and1 web hosting has more than 2,400 employers and over 37,000 servers and it provides services to almost 6.5 millions of clients. It has five data centres with the latest in the Kansas City founded by United Internet AG and a German ISP. The company covers both Europe and America with the Europe branch. 1and1 covers a huge range services. Its products and services are VPS, Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, Mail hosting, eCommerce hosting, Domain name registration, Share-point hosting. They get all of this covered severely and perfectly. It also covers Linux and Windows hosting in a wide range of products.


  1. I checked out their website ...the services and the features seems to be fantastic..I'm sure this company would reach even greater heights...Thanks for sharing this awesome portal with us.


    1. Yes pramod, seriously they provide great services, plus the feature Build your Website is great. Even a person with no advance knowledge can build his website with 1&1's assistance.

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