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11 Amazing Google Glass Apps that you must not miss

Best Google Glass Apps
The Google Glass has built an entirely new and enchanting breed of the technical hardware and has brought with it an entirely new rainbow of Apps. More and More existing Apps are busy developing their Google glass version. To make you aware with the various apps, here is the list of the Awesome Apps for the Google glass, which can cast a spell on the users. Enjoy the musings.

Blogger Google Glass App

This app is especially designed for the bloggers in the town. It is a third party app which allows the users of the app to sync the various blogs to the glass device. The posting of the images as well as the voice text can be done directly from the Glass.
Best Google Glass Apps

Ice Breaker Google Glass game

Each and every individual possess an inherent desire of meeting and getting acquainted with the interesting people in their vicinity. This is done by the app matching you with somebody suitable in the vicinity, then finding that individual becomes your goal. Once you meet that person and strike the conversation, a picture can be taken and saved to the ice breaker and thus you can gain social points.
Best Google Glass Apps


This app brings the hottest of the news related to the fashion and culture all the day round to the users. The users usually get notifications for various pieces of news straight from the network of Elle. There are options through which certain posts can be saved for the purpose of pondering on a later date. The users can also add a number of products to their personal wish list.
Best Google Glass Apps

It is an instagram sort of app for the glass device. The usage of this app is quite simple. The pictures taken by the glass device can be easily shared with this app, in the same manner in which one shares pictures with different contacts. There are filters present in this app which can be selected in the picture and the app will then send back a profusion of filtered pictures which can be easily shared.
Best Google Glass Apps

Thirst Droplet Google Glass app

This app is a perfect thing for those who look for food for thought. Through the service of Thirst one can get hands on a plethora of topics and can follow the topics that keep them hooked. The app will provide you with the best of the stories on the topics selected by you.
Best Google Glass Apps

Glass Praiser Google Glass app

The Glass Praiser is the right app to add an element of fun to your day. The app sends an ego boosting messages to the glass device once in a day which makes the readers upbeat. This is one of the funniest yet unique apps.

Glass to Phone Google glass app

The pictures act as one of the biggest craving for many out there. With the Glass to phone app, one can proficiently send the pictures from the Glass device to the Android phone. With the launch of this app, sharing pictures with the world has become a lot easier.


Winky is simply an amazing Google Glass app. It provides a unique experience of clicking pictures to the users. With this app, the phrase ' Glass takes a photo' becomes an archaic thing. All you need to do is to wink, and the picture will get clicked. However, the compilation process of this app is a little tedious, but tech savvy individuals can definitely sail through.

Facebook App

Facebook is also launching its version of the giant social network experience with the amazing technology of Google Glass. Mostly it will be available to share photos with friends on Facebook.

Twitter App

Twitter App on Google glass will let you Tweet, reply to Tweets and even receive direct messages while on the move with Google glass.
Best Google Glass App

Tumblr and Google +

Both Tumblr and Google+ have also developed their Apps for Google Glass. Google+ will also allow users to initiate Hangouts using Google Glass.

The Google Glass apps certainly take the advantage of the element of uniqueness which is attached with the Glass. The apps have certainly brought a new kind of life for the users with a paradigm shift in the outlook.

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