Saturday, May 11, 2013

Suggest Apps for upcoming Firefox OS and win a Geekphone

win phone for App for firefox OS
Firefox OS for Mobile devices is ready for its launch very soon. In the meantime the team of Firefox OS has come up with a competition, to market their product before its launch. They are calling it "Phones for Apps for Firefox OS". If you have any idea or App which can be ported to Firefox OS, then get to the link below and enroll for this event.

You just need to suggest some great idea about Mobile App along with the skill to develop it, and you might earn your App a place in the Firefox App Market, along with a nice Geekphone Keon.

If you have developed Apps for Chrome, BlackBerry or WebOS, or you want to do it now, or you might have some great idea that you wish to work upon in future, then this is your chance. So send in your entries today, and get your App selected to be a part of the Firefox App Market when its launched, along with the Firefox OS Developer Preview Device for you to work upon.
win phone for App for firefox OS

When the Firefox OS will get launched this summer you will be the part of the few first developers to be a part of this new beginning. Your App can be anything, a Game, tool, utility, travel, entertainment etc, because people will look up for everything.

So fill in this form today, and post your entry - Entry Form 

And spread this article, so that all the talented HTML5 developers get to show their talent for this new upcoming OS. You never know, Firefox may actually hunt down Android.

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