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How to Increase Google Page Rank for Your Blog

How to get high google page rank fast
Are you also looking for ways and means to increase the Google Page rank of your website or blog? Google Page rank refers to the ranking system formulated by Google where the websites are rated on a scale of 0 to 10. There is a direct nexus between the page rank and the quality of the website. Higher Google page rank websites are given a high priority by the readers.

This article highlights some of the effective ways which can be implemented to enhance the Google page rank of the website in order to get more traffic. Have a look at the crucial pointers:

Guest Posts

The first and the foremost way in the journey to aggrandize the page rank is to get a guest post for the already existing website or the blog. The guest post not only brings a new sort of charm to the website, but also enhances the page rank. Apart from this, there is a great boost to the links, internet visibility and traffic due to the guest posts. The word of caution here is to write guest posts only for the websites which rank of either 3 or 4. Providing quality content to such websites will surely prove to be fruitful.

Abstain from copying content

Plagiarism is one thing Google can never tolerate. When one copies the content from some other website, or simply republish the content from one website to another, such acts certainly upset the Google algorithm. The Google's reaction comes in the form of downgrading the websites which publish the duplicated content. Any kind of content scraping can not be justified. Thus once the page rank gets downgraded, it becomes next to impossible to rise again.
How to get high google page rank fast

Gain backlinks through quality content

There is no dearth of the backlinks for the blogs which publish great and quality content. Thus when one writes intriguing and creative post for the blog, the blog definitely gets noticed and backlinks in that case are just a step away.

Simple Hack to get Quality Backlinks :

There is a very Simple Hack too for getting quality backlinks from some great websites, like Adobe (PR - 9) and Opera (PR - 8).

Below mentioned is a list of some websites with great Page Ranks, and most of them have Blogs or Forums. So what you need to do is, simply visit these websites, create your Account and either post a genuine looking query in their Forum or a comment on their Blog, and cunningly insert a link to your website. And you are done.

  • etc.

Find more such websites with high page rank and get a backlink from them.

Regular Updates

A regular update on the blog is essential to gain a good page rank. Google always appreciates the blogs which comes with some fresh element.
How to get high google page rank fast

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one of the most enticing ways through which the backlinks can be gained for a website and at the same time the Google page rank can be upgraded. The blog commenting brings in more advantages such as interaction with the other fellow bloggers, growth in the blogging connections, ample amount of traffic through comments.

These are some of the enticing ways through which the Google page rank for the blog can be increased without much ado. Employ these tips and get a better page rank!!

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