Sunday, March 17, 2013

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7 Best and Quick tips for your Websites SEO

SEO helps search engines to find and increase visibility of your website from the list of millions of other sites. The Search Engines uses different algorithm for this purpose which keeps changing year to year. So you just cannot rely on some static SEO technique for your website. In this post we are going to discuss 7 Quick SEO tips that are critical for SEO success always.

1) Relevant keywords

Using relevant keyword is one of most crucial factor for SEO success. Always keep in mind that contents need keywords, keywords don’t need contents. Don’t  try to think from keywords point of view and end up using excessive keywords in your content. Try to make contents based on relevant and related keyword.

2) Domain Importance

Search engine give importance to domain name. Selecting a good domain also play a role in good SEO. Keep in mind your website's theme and concept when choosing your domain name. Brand is another factor to consider. Don’t use multi-term domain like They don't have a brand value.

3) Sitemap

Proper sitemap helps search engine indexing your website. Therefore invest your time in designing good navigation structure.

4) Create keyword related Back links

Social media links and interaction play a considerable role in a website’s search rankings. Create relevant and keyword based backlinks to your website. Use your business(website) name as your Facebook page and twitter handle. Uploading images to your social page with proper name also helps.

5) Relevant Title and Meta tags

Title tag must contain main keywords and Meta tag must hold appropriate description. But don’t use all your keywords in the title tag or meta tag, keep some of it for your content. Try to make relevant and highlighted keyword title tags.

6) Look and feel

Nowadays only keywords relevant content is not enough. Images and graphics also play an important role. Try to build pages including some images (with alt tags), videos, Infographics etc. Such  page will increase your website's visibility. But always keep in mind that duplicate(even image or graphic) content will not be helpful.

7) Diversify your Marketing

Marketing is a new trend for SEO success. Make some investment in marketing your business. Get your hands on some Socially popular individuals. People with large Twitter follower or Facebook followers, ask them to share your Website or talk about it. This will give a boost to your Website's social presence.

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