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4 Incredible and Affordable 3D Printers

In the past few months 3D Printers have been a lot in News, for their amazing capabilities and increased use around the world. There popularity has led to a significant drop in their price, to make it affordable. People around the world have already printed iPhone cases, toys, jewelry, even Weapons and dresses. So if you too want to have this amazing and cool modern day invention, you are at the right place.

Below we have 4 best and affordable 3D printers, which are mass produced and within the price range of normal consumers.

1. MakerBot Replicator Series

They are the most popular 3D printer maker, and have 3 great products already in the market. Replicator, Replicator 2 and Replicator2X are great and very reasonable at $1750, $2199 and $2799 respectively.
cheapest 3D printers

2. Cubify - Cube and Cube X

Cubify 3D System has launched two 3D printers as of now. And the best thing about their 3D printer is they are less bulky. Small and cute, they have intelligent abilities to carve out your 3D structure accurately. And the basic version of Cube series is available only for $1299, but the most advanced version of this product can cost you upto $4000.
cheapest 3D printers

3. Solidoodle

Its made by a former employee of makerBot and is actually the cheapest standard 3D printer available in the world. And by cheap, it doesn't means it cannot cut out great objects. It is better performance wise too. Though it doesn't looks fancy and of course has less features, but still its a great option to begin your 3D adventure. It will cost you about $800.
cheapest 3D printers

4. 3Doodler

If you think that $800 is out of your budget, as you need 3D printer just to show off it to your friends, 3Doodler is for you. Available only for $75(or $99, if you don't back it up on Kickstarter), it is a great 3D pen, using which you can easily draw your 3D structures.
cheapest 3D printers

If you know about any other 3D printer which is amazing yet affordable, do share it with us through your comments.

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