Thursday, December 6, 2012

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21 Best Rated Photo Editing Softwares For Free Download

We all love clicking photographs, every now and then. Pictures are an integral part of human life. And when its about editing, manipulating and beautifying those pictures every one run to Adobe Photoshop Software. We all know that its the best in its class but why waste money when you can get every feature of it in dozens of Photo/Picture/Image Editors available for Free on the internet.

So we did some homework on it, and collected some 20+ Photo/Image/Picture Editor Softwares which are Open Source and are available for Free Download. And being free doesn't means they don't include apt features, they all are widely appreciated and used.

So here are some very great, easy to use, full of features, light for your computer and above all free Photo/Picture/Image Editors. We hope you will find the one that suits you requirements best.

1. PhotoPos

2. FlauntR

3. Pixlr


5. Splashup

6. STOIK Imagic

7. FotoFlexer

8. digiKam

9. MyPaint

10. PaintStar

11. Visual LightBox

12. Irfan View

13. 5Dfly

14. Acorn

15. Seashore

16. Pinta

17. KolourPaint

18. Krita

19. Gimp

20. Pixia

21. Photoscape

These amazing Photo/Image/Picture Editor Software Programs can be used for almost anything, be it for your Picture Album, to edit and create pictures for your Blog, to change picture formats, to paint a new design and countless other purposes. So just download the one you like and enjoy editing photos.

Do let us know if you know more such Photo Editors available for free download, we would love to add them to this list.

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