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10 Best Free Stock Chart Widgets for your Website and Blog

Stock Market dip and rises every day, with gains and losses occurring every minute. It's very hard to keep an eye on the Stock charts all the time. For most of the Stock Market based Blogs and Websites, it must be difficult to keep track of all this. So today we have gathered some of the best Stock Chart Widgets for Blogs and Websites, who are deeply related to Stock Markets and News.

All these Widgets are free, and you simply need to copy-paste the scripts onto your Blog or Website and you are good to go. No coding need to be done, and you can also customize the look and type of chart for most of these services.

So what are you waiting for, choose the one you like the most and give you Blog or Website a superior look and functionality.

1. TradingView Chart Widget

This the one we loved the most, you can set in the default symbol, time interval for the chart, widget's size, add toolbar, and colors to the widget. You can also add multiple Names to compare their Stock Values and charts in realtime.

2. FreeStockCharts

This Stock Ticker works on almost all the platforms. Its realtime streaming and multiple widgets, makes it the best choice for bloggers around the world. You get to select from 7 amazing Stock ticker widgets, then you can customize them as per your requirements.

3. StockCharts.com

StockCharts.com provides you with free Stock tickers, for New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and Toronto Stock Exchange. You can also customize the type of widget with available options like, SharpCharts, Candle Glance Group, Points and Figures Charts, PrefCharts etc.

4. SaneBull

SaneBull's amazing Stock Ticker Widget named World Market Watch, will keep you up to date on the markets around the world. It is configurable to poll markets by continents : Asia, India, America and Europe - Current prices, change, volume and charts are displayed. Here you will also get various other widgets for individual sectors, like Currency Monitor Widget, Crude Oil Futures, Gold Contract Futures, US Treasury etc.

5. Yahoo! Finance Badge

In this Widget you get the Stock Ticker, Charts and News Headline all in one provided by Yahoo!. You can set the time range to cover, Customize the New Section, Width and Height. One Symbol per chart can have upto 10 symbols. You can also get this Widget directly from WidgetBox.

This Widget by Financial Content lets you create Market Snapshot Widget and Market Graph Widget by adding your required symbols. Its very simple to integrate and very light for your Blog and Website. Also includes a Quote Search box.

7. Market Watch

Market Watch by appuonline.com Add, Search, and Compare Stock charts in realtime. It is the best Stock Ticker Widget for NSE and to show the Indian Stock Market. It includes tabs to show Gainers, Losers and even the best Mutual Funds yearly. You can get Small Widgets, News Tickers and even Top Mutual Funds in India Widget.

8. FXEmpire

FXEmpire offers you a wide range of Webmaster tools, including Widgets for Live Charts, Advanced Charts, Sidebar Market Quotes, Technical Analysis, Pivot Points, Quotes Ticker etc.

9. Sirf Paisa Widgets

Sirf Paisa Widgets are the best Indian Stock News Widgets which covers only the Indian Stock Market. It offers you 3 different Widgets, one for Indian Stock Market, second for Commodities like Gold, Crude Oil etc and the third one for News Headlines.

10. ProRealTime Widgets

This Widget is light weight, works at real-time, offers easy customization, and comes in two different flavor. One displays charts and graphs showcasing the Stock market, the other displays the same in tabular form without chart.

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