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7 Ways to help Victims of Storm Sandy - Don't Forget to Donate

Superstorm Sandy shook the Northeastern US and Caribbean between Oct 24 and Oct 30. Millions of lives  have been affected with thousands left homeless and over one hundred died. The destruction caused by this storm is vast, and the citizens in America's biggest city are struggling to restore vital services and clear debris.

So if you wish to help the people affected and injured by the storm, whose homes were damaged and who are desperately awaiting power, cable, water and medical assistance, we have searched some great options for you to come forward and make donations for humanity.

Below are seven organizations running campaigns that helps people affected by the Storm, so don't forget to Donate.

1. The Red Cross

Red Cross has opened around 190 shelters along the East cost, and is working hard to help affected people by any means possible. You can donate online on their website, or make a call to 1-800-RED-CROSS, or you can also donate by sending the word "REDCROSS" to 90999 to give $10.

2. The Salvation Army

You can donate $10 to the Salvation Army by texting "STORM" to 80888.

3. AmeriCares

Visit the site and donate to the relief fund of this organization, which is distributing supplies to 130 clinics in the 13 states affected by Sandy.

4. World Vision

World Vision is carrying out the relief work at full swing despite the flooding. You can text "GIVEUSA" to 777444 to make a $10 donation, or you can also donate online on their website.

5. Operation USA

Operation USA is an organization carrying relief work outside the US, they are helping victims in Haiti and Cuba, who were also deeply affected by the storm. Simply text "AID" to 50555 to donate $10.

6. International Medical Corps

Another option to donate abroad is the International Medical Corp, who are coordinating efforts in Haiti.

7. New York Blood Center

You can donate blood which will be used for the victims of storm, as well as for the Hospital Blood Banks affected by the storm.

Now, do not waste time, if you want to help affected people in rebuilding their home and city back, donate now. Please, Don't forget to Donate.

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