Monday, August 6, 2012

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6 Amazing jQuery Plugins to design Pinterest like Dynamic Grid Layout

Web designers around the Globe were so mesmerized by Pinterest's Dynamic Grid layout that they have been working to develop the same since then. And today we have a couple of great jQuery plugins to easily design the same interface for our Web projects that Pinterest and many other websites have (Recently adopted by Digg too).

So here are 6 Great and Simple jQuery Plugins to design the Dynamic Grid Layout for Pinterest like Website.

1. Masonry

This is the most widely used dynamic grid layout plugin for jQuery. This works as opposite to CSS floats, because floating arranges elements horizontally while this Masonry arranges elements vertically.

2. Isotope

Its an exquisite jQuery plugin for intelligent and dynamic layouts that can't be achieved with CSS alone. It allows jQuery selectors and sorting the elements.

3. BlocksIt

BlocksIt.js is a jQuery plugin to create dynamic grid layout. It manages to convert HTML elements into 'Blocks' and position them in well-arranged grid layout like Pinterest. 

4. Wookmark

Wookmark is a website to bookmark Images and videos, and has a Pinterest like interface. This website has made this simple jQuery plugin which is available for free download on Github.

5. Pinterest Clone Layout

If you are a Ruby Developer and wish to create the Pinterest style layout in a short period of time, then this layout is for you. This layout uses the jQuery Masonyn plugin and is already styled and ready to use. You can also see the Demo interface here.

6. Flex

Flex is a fluid asymmetrical animated grid plugin for jQuery. It also has a feature of expanding the tiles on mouse hover.

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