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13 Amazing Websites to create Comics and Memes Online for Free

Cartoons, Comics and Memes have become a major part of our free expression. Internet Users around the world, express their independent thoughts on various issues and topics through cartoons and Comics. Apart from this, Comics has always been a part of our delightful routine. And making Comics and Memes was never this easy before.

 Age never matters, reading Comics is a great timepass for all. And these days, Internet users have started utilizing this technique, because by giving any written note, a comic form, we increase the probability of it being read by almost 200%. So authors, take refuge with this way of expression, and make their message and thoughts reach out to masses.

You must have come across hundreds of such Memes and Comics on Facebook, carrying any message, or mocking some news or just for fun, being shared and Liked by thousands.

Now you too can create your own Comics and Memes very easily Online for free using these 13 Amazing Websites.

1. Pixton

Pixton provides you with a very simple and easy intuitive tool to create great Comics by just click-n-drag movements. You also get to interact with other user in this like minded community and can share your work. You also get some helpful How-to videos to guide you through. It also offers multiple language support.

2. Strip Generator

This websites allow you to create your own Comic strip without even registering an account. But if you sign up, you do get some extra facilities like you can create you own gallery. You can use the pre-made characters or you can also create your own, and it too has a drag-n-drop interface just like Pixton. You can also print your generated comic.

3. ToonDoo

ToonDoo not only provides with ToonDoo Maker to create great Comics easily with drag-n-drop interface, but it also has tools like Book-Maker which lets you put all your comics into a book. ImagineR lets you give your own pics a cartoon-like effect. Doodler is for non artistic type users.

4. BitStrips

BitStrips provides assistance to schools to create comics for their educational courses but that is not Free. You must enter the Website to create your own Comics Starring you. Bitstrips lets you create your own avatar to star in you Comics.

5. Marvel - Create your Own Comic

If you wish to add some action to your Comics, what can be better then the Marvel Comic action heroes. Marvel lets you create Comics Strips and Comic books using the Marvel Universe.

6. DoInk

DoInk not only lets you create Comics, but it also provides you with a canvas to draw your own imagination on it. You can use the tools to create Memes and animation using Flash.

7. Toonlet

Toonlet provides you with its "Make a Comic" tool, lets you build the classic black and white style comics. For help and How-tos visit Toonlet-Toonup

8. Rage Builder

These days such cartoons have flooded the Social Networks. If you too like round, scrawled heads and popping eyes and some ugly faces, then this website is your resort. They have become a recognized form of internet communication and urban cultural mocking. rage Builder provides with a simple toolbar, pre-set faces and a canvas to create your very own Rage Comic.

If you are looking for some great and funny Memes collection, then this website is for you. You can easily browse through galleries of Memes created by other members. And create your own, by simply picking up any image and adding to it, your own unique and funny captions.

10. Meme Center

Meme Center is same as the previous website. You can find Funny Memes, Rage Comics, Epic fails and funny images here. It allows you to create animated Memes with a few images.

11. Make Beliefs Comix

Make Beliefs Comix allows you to create amazing and diverse Comic Strips, using pre-set cartoons, clip arts and views. You can even add text to these characters to bring your Comic to life.

12. Comic Master

Comic Master allows you to create your own Short Graphic Novel. You can choose backgrounds suiting your scenes, add characters as per your requirements and dialogues. You can also add special effects.

13. Write Comics

This one is the simplest tool to create some very simple yet nice Comic Strips without much trouble. You can create your Comic strip without registering for the website.

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