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10 Best Cooking Websites to learn New Food Recipes

Do you love spending hours in Kitchen planning and cooking some new fancy dish for dinner? Well if you do so, then this particular list is for you. Because gone are those days, when you had to stick your face into the Cookbooks, to try new yet limited food recipes, for now you have some great cooking websites to help you do that.

Simply search for whatever you are planning to cook, and you will get thousands of different recipes listed. Also these websites will regularly surprise you with some unexpected and jaw-dropping dishes from around the world.
So here are 10 best cooking websites for you to enrich your cooking skills with some new food recipes.

1. Allrecipes

This is the best Cooking Website, with over 24 million monthly visitors. It provides you with best, simple and amazing food recipes from all over the world, categorized by countries. So simply choose the country name and try out different new dishes.


Well this one is more organized in terms of giving categories to its recipes and is more user friendly. hosts about 4,50,000 different food recipes and the number is constantly growing.

3. Food Network

Food Network includes some great cooking recipes and wine guides. Its been online since 1995. This website also provides you with information, videos and schedule of television shows featuring celebrity chefs, cooking instructions and food-related travel shows.

4. is a Recipe Search Engine which covers many categories of food within a large database. It also serves you with some great and informative cooking articles and community forum to discuss with other like minded cooks from all over the world.

5. Epicurious

Search 100,000 recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Self, cookbooks, chefs and home cooks. Learn from holiday food guides, kid-friendly menus and by watching great cooking videos.

6. Food

7. Gotovim

Gotovim is a Russian food recipe website for Russian food lovers. The site recipes are well known and rare dishes of meat, fish, vegetables and mushrooms.

8. Sanjeev Kapoor

This is a website for Indian Food lovers, by the best and renowned Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor. You get to see great Indian recipes, video cooking tutorials, and some great kitchen tips on this website.

9. Group Recipes is a Food Social Network and recipe sharing website utilizing the collective taste buds of the masses to find good food.

10. RecipeSource

RecipeSource is the new home of SOAR (The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes) and your source for recipes on the Internet.

We hope these websites help you to cook and learn some great dishes. And do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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