Monday, July 23, 2012

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for a great Shopping Experience

Online Shopping has become a part of daily routine for most of the Internet Users. With sudden boost and the growing number of Online Shopping Websites, you need to have some tools, to sort out and pick out the best possible deal for you. The solution to this is Chrome extensions. Chrome browser provides you with a lot of extensions to help you shop on the Internet, save details, compare prices and a lot more.

So here are 10 Best and widely used Google Chrome extensions to enhance your Shopping Experience.

1. Add to Amazon Wish List

It is an Official extension. Using this Extension, you can add anything (any product) from any website (not just to your Amazon Wish List, thereby making it easier to keep a track of all those items. If you already have an amazon account, then you can directly start using this extension, else create a new Amazon Wishlist account for yourself at

2. Shopping Assistant

When you search a product on a retailer's website, Shopping Assistant automatically shows you similar products from popular shopping websites, like Amazon and eBay, so that you can compare the product details. It also show the price history for each product sold on Amazon. It is also available with Firefox and Safari.

3. eBay Extension for Google Chrome

With this Official eBay extension you can keep track of the items you are selling or bidding on and can keep up with the daily deals. It keeps you signed in securely and lets you place bids on active items, save searches, and keep up with saved sellers.

4. The Camelizer

It adds product price history charts to Google chrome. Browse to any supported Retailer's website and click on the Camel icon, you'll gain immediate insight into the pricing trends for the product. You can even sign up for price drop alerts via email.

5. The Best Price

With this extension you always get the best deals. The Best Price will make you save time and money by comparing prices in real time, while shopping online.

6. Invisible Hand

Invisible Hand discreetly notifies you if the product you're shopping for is available more cheaply from another retailer, and also provides you with a direct link to the relevant page if found.

7. Coupons and Deals (

Use this extension and get instant Coupon and deal alerts when you visit your favorite shopping sites. It adds a simple toolbar to your chrome browser.

8. PriceBlink

This extension is a combination of 'Invisible Hand' and 'Coupons & Deals'. It shows you the lowest price of any product that you are viewing along with coupon codes and shipping codes, helping you to save even more money.

9. Ookong

This is the best way to search any product on Amazon. With just one click you can check any product for its availability, price history and can get price drop alerts for products in your follow list.

10. Woot! Watcher

Keep your edge when Wooting, especially during Woot-Offs. Woot! Watcher gives you everything you could want when it comes to Woot including Real-time updating, New item indicator, latest deal on moofi etc.


  1. Another great price comparison and shopping app is ProductBee. It shows the best prices, coupons, and even product videos while you shop online.