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6 Best Latest New generation Internet Browsers 2012

An Internet Browser, as we all know, is a software that enables us to access the World Wide Web, locating and viewing web pages. There have been generations of development in this field, which currently is leaded by Google Chrome (Most used Internet Browser). But as we move on, there will be changes, and we might see chrome losing its top position to some other New and Innovative internet browser, like IE lost to Chrome.

Recently, Internet Browsers are being made Task Specific, like for social website users, for media lovers etc. Also there is a continuous struggle going on amongst the companies to develop more Fast and Secure browser.

Here we have a list of 6 Best, Latest New generation Internet Browser, which are Fast, Reliable and have a long way to go, and might become strong competition for Chrome and Firefox, in coming days.

1. Maxthon

The first one in this list is Maxthon. Being a little behind Safari in user base, this browser has already won the trust of considerable number of Internet users. Its latest version comes with a browser engine, that draws web pages 200% faster then Google Chrome. It also comes with free cloud services, hence you can store bookmarks and notes securely on the web for anytime, anywhere access. It also comes with "Skins" to customize the appearance of the Browser.

  • One great extension already included in this browser is the Ad Hunter , which blocks any advertisements and malicious pop-ups before they load.
  • This browser also has a Download Sniffer tool , which automatically detects if you are on a web page with videos, images and audios. Then you just have to click the button in the toolbar to download them.
  • You also get the Split Screen feature, like shown in the snapshot below.

2. RockMelt

RockMelt is a relatively new internet browser, that takes an interesting approach to Web Browsing. The browser integrates the features of the popular social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter, directly into its interface. RockMelt has all the traditional browsing functions, but with a strong emphasis on social media.
  • RockMelt is a browser for Social Networking Website lovers.
  • It has a built in chat so you can stay in touch with friends from any website.
  • Share buttons lets you quickly update your status, tweet links and post on walls.
  • Automatic Sync, lets you access latest news and bookmarks from anywhere.
  • Being based on Google Chrome platform, it supports most of the chrome's extensions.

3. SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey browser suite is an open-source, community-driven project. This means any developer, marketer or tester, interested in contributing to the development of the browser can do so. Since SeaMonkey is built on Mozilla's source code, the internet browser also benefits from most of Mozilla's security functions.
  • This internet browser safeguards you against most online threats including viruses, rootkits and fraudulent phishing websites.
  • Though it uses the Mozilla source code, but this browser is surprisingly slower.
  • The only plus point is, it supports all the Mozilla Add-ons.

4. Wyzo - The Media Browser

This is an Amazing new Web browser, that optimizes your online media experience. It will accelerate your web downloads, let you download torrents with single click, discover media in your browser and much more. 
  • The latest version on Wyzo, is claimed to be the best browser to download stuff. It incorporates multi-source downloading wherever possible, to dramatically accelerate your web downloads. 
  • It comes with a BitTorrent integration, to make downloading using torrents way easier.
  • The Start page of the new version, features more media oriented search engines and other popular media websites.

5. Deepnet Explorer

Deepnet Explorer isn't nearly as flashy or sleek as most of its competitors, but the internet browser performs its primary function of web browsing well. The browser's main focus is on facilitating P2P networking and RSS feeds, and while it delivers several useful tools and features, Deepnet Explorer fails to stand out among the competition.

  • This Internet browser is completely free.
  • Ad-ons like Advert killer, Content Filter, Cookie Manager are already included.
  • No 3rd party software is supported.

6. Avant Browser

Avant Browser is an ultra-fast web browser. Its user-friendly interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience, and frequent upgrades have steadily improved its reliability. Avant Browser is a freeware, with no Ads, No viruses, No spywares.
  • Avant Browser is the lowest memory usage web browser on Windows platform.
  • The increasing usage of Ajax Technology in websites causes frequent freezing or crashes for most browsers. But Avant Browser has developed a new technology to solve this problem.
  • Split View adds to Avant Browsers's multitasking functionality by providing an easy way to view multiple different websites at the same time.

We hope this list of some new generation Internet Browser, will change your Web browsing experience forever. Download and start using the one, which best suits your requirements.


  1. Terrible article...
    " IE lost to chrome.."..
    That is because Internet Explorer is the worst internet browser ever made. From its start up time, page loading to its general security.
    It is also flooded with 'activeX' notifications which are generally just annoying.

    Google chrome is my favourite but its CPU usage is terrible, Firefox now has memory leak issues making it the worst browser at the moment.

    Sorry wtfdiary, but you are completely mis-informed.

    1. first i will reply to this, dear Ross, did i mentioned anywhere above that its an article related to Chrome, Firefox or IE. Its a list to just let you know about some of the new browsers around.

      Plus, i would love to add that your criticism is valid and your views are always welcomed. To get your comment posted you do not have to make another comment, in which you threaten me to post your comment.

    2. This obviously isn't your first language. This article was riddled with choppy writing and grammar errors.

      I can't believe they pay pompous chumps like you.

      "Posting Ross' comment" like he's some kind of eminent threat to anyone is a joke. Like you writing for an English site.


    3. Our only aim was to enlist the new web browsers for our viewers. Ross was wrong with his approach, that's why i said so.

      I appreciate you took time to point out our mistake, I will keep grammar in my mind straight, the next time I post any article.

      And yeah, no one pays this pompous chump anything, this chump is self paid.


  2. Approve my comment or I'll write you bad reviews.

    1. Thats why i approved this comment of yours too, so that visitors must know that Ross Mckellar forces people to post his comments.

      And i would have approved your comment myself had i not been busy for the whole day. I just came across it now, accompanied by the threat comment.

      Initially i thought of not approving it at all, because of your behavior. But then i thought let the world see.

      We all have different views, if you think that i wont approve any ones comment just because its against my Blog's reputation, then the whole point of asking you people comment at the end of every article is useless.

      I do wish to know how you all feel, so that i can correct my mistakes in the future and deliver productive content to my viewers.

      You just need to be polite.

      No offenses.

  3. I'm sorry, but Wyzo is not the best media browser and that's for sure. Have you heard of Torch browser? This is really an awesome media browser since you can download videos, music and torrents, and share pages on FB and Twitter! I can't believe you didn't write about it :O

  4. Dear author..i have read the artcle. i have also read the comments!And the comments are tha main reason i signed up..I just wanted to tell you this. They don't understand the hard work and effort you put into this. They are trolls. They think they know better (and maybe they do) but what they don't know is that knowledge about something does not make someone a human. So two stupid fucks commented about something irelevant (the first) and your language (the second). And you answer..why my friend?? Use your spirit and energy to write good artcles and other stuff about your site. Doublecheck or triplecheck your writting. Find new interesting info on the web to write about. Improve SEO. Customize your site to be more appealing..etc. What i mean is that you have plenty and more important stuff to do than waste your time with trolls!! Keep it up mate and don't let them get to you. Coming from a fellow blogger..

    1. Hey Axel,

      Thanks for your dear and kind advice. I seriously appreciate your words. I will always keep this in mind.


  5. I agree with you Alex this two guys are dumb ass so dont mind them mr. abhishek ahlawat they are one of those S H I T born in this world to spread their NONSE SENSE COMMENTS " Ross Mckellar and acansatsusha " DIE YOU TWO!

    1. We don't mind it at all. They have all the rights to say what they wish, what i personally didn't liked was the way he said things and his lack of patience.

      Thanks a lot for your Support.

      Keep Visiting and commenting.

  6. I have tried many of your recommendations and agree with most of what you say. One that was not mentioned was Comodo's Dragon and IceDragon. Both are comfortably fast and reliable.


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