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17 Best iphone/ipad Apps To Plan a Perfect Wedding.

Planning for you big day ? Is your head swirling with wedding ideas ? Let your iphone plan and organize the wedding of your dreams. We have covered apps for students, for fun, entertainment, stress, this time we bring you the list of some best selected iphone/ipad apps to help you plan your wedding, your way. Our list of Apps has tools to inspire, budget, design and plan every tiny detail !!

17 Best Apps to help you have a Perfect Wedding day.

1. Is it True Love ?

Are you are thinking of taking the plunge and asking your special someone to marry you? Before you get all caught up in the moment, why not have a little fun and put that special love to the test? This app, Is it True Love?, will tell you if you are truly in love or just infatuated. Simply take the quiz and the app will provide you with sage advice about your relationship.

2. RingFinder - The Private Collection of Southern African Diamonds

This app has some clever features that will help you with your purchase. It has a ring sizer- by simply laying a ring on the screen you and swiping your finger you will be able to determine the ring size you need- a great feature for covert ring buying! It also has an education feature which will give the buyer information on cut, clarity, value and other aspects of this important purchase.When you find the ring you want, all it takes is a couple of clicks to find a retail store nearby that carries the collection.

3. Will you Marry me ?

Why not make your proposal so extraordinary that even your future grandchildren will be impressed? Will You Marry Me ?! is here with some great ideas. From writing your proposal in the snow to tying the ring to her dog's collar, you will find a unique collection of inspiring ideas for your big moment. Try out the free version which is supported by extremely invasive ads; if you like it you can pay a mere 99 cents to upgrade to the ad-free version.

4. Wedding Budget 

This clever application takes your entire budget and breaks it down into estimated cost for each item. It also includes graphs to show how your money is being spent. All items are customizable, allowing you to add extras like releasing doves or leave room for unexpected expenses that might occur. There is also a place for notes on each item. This app is a brilliant, well-written, must-have app for the money-conscious bride or groom. Even the price is attractive at FREE!

5. Wedding Row

If you love visuals, and want to remember all the wedding ideas you come across, then Wedding Row is a fantastic app for you. Wedding Row allows you to store images and make inspiraton boards by combining and organizing the images you find. You can import images from the internet, take your own photo, or use your photo album. It also has a budget function and allows you to import your contacts from your address book and assign them to functions such as florists, caterers and musicians.

6. Wedding Dress Look Book

It is vital to find and purchase the dress for the bride in time for ordering and alterations, sometimes a year in advance. But who has time to go to different bridal boutiques to look at catalogues? Guess what? There is an app for that! Wedding Dress Look Book by The Knot is a companion app to the Knot web site. Here you can look at hundreds of dresses, searching by your body type. Each dress includes information on the designer and how to purchase.

7. iWedding Deluxe - the Wedding Planner

If you are looking for a digital Wedding Planning assistant, iWedding Deluxe is ready and waiting. This app has a built-in budget, gift tracker, guest list, invitation tracker and much more. Designed for ease of use, all your details can be recorded along with inspirational images. Even the rehearsal dinner can be organized with iWedding Deluxe, and you can post to Twitter and Facebook right from the app!

Your plans are now coming together and it is a good time to register for gifts! If you are looking for a simple and effective wedding registry app, look no further than Wedding Registry. Using your iPhone camera, you can scan barcodes and email out your list. This basic app works well and is FREE!

9. Best Wedding Cakes

Unlike wedding dresses, which must be ordered from the designer, a good cake maker is able to use a photo reference when making the ideal wedding cake. Best Wedding Cakes is a no-frills app that features hundreds of quality photographs of wedding cakes. There is a function to add to a favorites file, as well as the ability to save photos to your photo roll. If you are looking for wedding cake inspiration, then this is the perfect app for you!

10. Fun Wedding Traditions

Are you wanting to make your wedding different? How about finding inspiration by learning about how weddings have been celebrated throughout different eras and cultures? For example: did you know that in Bermuda wedding cakes of islanders are topped with a tiny sapling? After the wedding reception. the newlyweds plant the sapling so it will grow along with their marriage. This is a fun and interesting app that will enhance the symbolism of your wedding.

11. Hair MakeOver

Every couple wants to look their best for their special day. But what hair style will compliment the big event? Hair MakeOver offers the ability to virtually change your hair in seconds! It features over 300 styles in for men and women, as well as the ability to create a collage of favorites. Photos can be sent to Facebook or Twitter with just a click. This fun app has a free version to try out first if you want to play with it first.

12. The Wedding Photographer

What about your photographer? Photographing weddings is truly an art form. Sure, anyone can take a photo — but creating images that capture the feeling and the passion of the moment takes planning and knowledge. The Wedding Photographer app is here to the rescue with amazing tutorials and inspirational wedding images by professional photographer Perry Trotter. Learn how to capture the right pose at the right time and how post processing can create a finished image that is spectacular.

13. Wedding Floral Basics

Wedding Floral Basics is the perfect tool for learning how to create your own flower arrangements. Separate video tutorials walk the user through the process of creating everything from floral halos to boutonnieres. If you are creative, Wedding Floral Basics can help you save a lot of money creating your own florals!

14. My Wedding Music

Choosing the music for your wedding and reception does not have to be a painful. With My Wedding Music, you can select the music for each segment of your big day and listen to it beforehand. Cleverly organized into each music moment, this app makes sure nothing is forgotten. Included are several classic songs and the ability to purchase sheet music. This app takes a daunting task and makes it fun! Did I mention that it is FREE?

15. Family Quick Sit

This app was designed to help seat family and friends at restaurant gatherings. It allows you to create a table at a time, then a screenshot can be taken of each table for those setting up the place cards. You can simply add family members and number of guests and manage their seating, then arrange them further by dragging and dropping them. It allows you the option of adding children by age, each with a toggle to keep the child seated with the parent so that you do not accidently omit a space.

16. Wedding Vows

Reciting vows is undoubtably the most beautiful moment of the ceremony and choosing the right ones to reflect your life partnership is vital. Thankfully, there is an app that will help you! Wedding Vows is a beautifully designed app that inserts the name of the bride and groom so that when you read the samples they feel personal from the very start. The app contains over 150 completely customizable sample vows that are viewer rated. It allows you to add vows you like to your favorites for later viewing.

17. Wedding Jokes, Quotes and Toasts for Speeches

You want to be witty and sentimental, wise and articulate. In short, you need to give a speech that is so perfect that it will be remembered. Wedding Jokes, Quotes and Toasts for Speeches is just the app you need! Loaded with great material, Wedding Jokes has something for everyone. Peruse jokes, quotes, and a large selection of toasts for the entire bridal party, all in a well organized iPhone/iPod touch format. When you find one that you like, a handy favorites feature allows you to star them for quick reference.

We hope this list, helps you to organize your dream ceremony for your wedding. If you know some other good App, which we might have missed, then do let us know through your precious comments.

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