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13 Best Free Apps for Capturing and Editing Photos

Phone Cameras are getting better with time, so you need top quality apps to make the most out of them. We have found 13 of the best for taking and editing photos.Most of the apps in this list are Multi-platform i.e for iPhone, iPad and Android but some of them are for only Android. The links provided in this post are of Android, you can easily find the iOS apps by typing the app name in google search.

So let’s begin our quest for taking and editing pictures on your phone with these awesome best free photo apps.

Taking Photos

1. Pixlr-o-matic ( Give your photos a retro look )

Mini requirements: Android 2.1+, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, iOS 4.0+ | File Size : 5.9 MB
Give your photos a retro look by using one of 28 film styles on the Pixlr-o-matic app. After choosing a style, add light effects and frames, scratches and cross-processing to create a vintage look, or simply turn your images sepia and monochrome.

2. Photaf Panorama ( Create panoramic photos )
Min requirements: Android 2.1+ | File size 5.2MB
A single photo rarely does a stunning view or a beautiful sky justice, but Photaf Panorama can help. Its built in orientation sensor knows exactly what angle each photo is taken at, so it can automatically stitch together the different parts of the image. Use the compass or swipe the screen to move around the image just as you would in Street View. The free version only works in landscape-sized photos.To get portrait-sized panoramic pictures, upgrade to the pro version for £2.55.

3. Before/After Photo ( Create ‘Before’ and ‘after’ images )
Min Requirements: Android 1.6+ | File Size: 337KB
The Before/After app lines up and brings together two images to show a direct ‘ before’ and ‘after’ shot, side by side. Take a photo of anything you like, form your children’s faces to a room in your house. Add face paint, redecorate or make whatever changes you want and shoot the same image again. If you’ve got the patience, this is a great app for seeing how faces change over time.
4. Action Snap ( Take action shot photos )
Min requirements: Android 2.1+ | File Size: 828KB
The Action Snap app automatically takes between four and nine shots, depending on the setting you choose, in quick succession to capture different stages of any action or movement. Once taken, each shot is lined up next to the others to create a montage.They can also set as per our own settings for the time shots, ranging from 0.1 to five seconds, or simply take the photos manualy.

5. PhotoShake ( Create collages by shaking your phone )
Min requirements: Android 2.0+, iPhone or iPod Touch, iOS 3.0 | Size : 6.5MB
With fewer people printing their photos in this digital age, photo collages have become less popular, However , PhotoShake could spark something of a revival, Just by shaking your phone, it will choose a random selection of photos from a specific folder, and create a collage that can be shared electronically with friends and family. If you’d rather manually select images, you can do this in the Edit menu.There are three themes that determine how the collages look and how many photos are selected, plus tools for photos editing, and adding captions and stickers.

6. Camera 3D ( Make 3D photos )
Min requirements: Android 1.5+ | Size: 194KB
This app is particularly clever because the 3D photos it creates can be viewed without a special screen or glasses. Instead, you take shots of objects or people that can then be viewed from andy angle by rotating the image 360 degrees on the screen . It works by taking form two to 99 pictures, showing you the previous photo as a ‘ghost’ overlay each time to make it easier to line the images up when you shoot. It then merge them to giv3e the 3D effect. It’s a little tricky to get to graps with, but the results are worth it.

Editing Photos

1. Adobe Photoshop Express ( Fix and enhance your pictures )
Min requirements: Android 1.5+, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, iOS 4.2+ | Size: 1.3MB
Adobe’s Photoshop app is one of the better all-round editing apps available. As you’d expect, it doesn’t have the hundreds of features that you’ll find in the Desktop version of Photoshop, but there are plenty of tools to help yu edit and fix your phone photos; certainly more than your camera’s built-in editing software will offer. You can crop, straighten, rotate and flip images, add sort focus, and adjust the brightness and contrast of parts of thw photo.
Its Effects menu includes shadowing and colour options, with quick-access undo and re-do buttons. Even better, if you create an account at, it automatically backs up all photos and edits online. It’s simply brilliant.

2. Color Splash Photo ( Add color effects to your photos )
Min requrements: Android 2.1 | Size : 512KB
I here are a lot of apps that let you restore colour, but our favourite is Color Splash Photo, because it also lets you add new colours to your photos, such as making your eyes bright blue or the sky prople, rather than just restoring existing hues.Because all the coloring is done using your fingers, theres no fiddly tools to master.
Color Touch Effects : Another restore app we like.It doesn’t let you drop colors onto your photo,but it does have more editing tools than Color Splash, including blurring and solarising, which changes how dark part of an image is .

3. Sketch Me ( Turn you photos into sketches )
Min requirements: Android 1.5+ | Size: 1.7MB
This easy-to-use app converts your photos into pencil sketches, crayon drawings or oil paintings. Its editing tools let your images and change the radius, which will make some lines appear darker. If you’d like to see what your pictuers will lok like as sketches before they’re taken try Sketch Camera

4. Labelbox ( Label your photos )
Min requirements: Android 2.1, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, iOS 4.0+ | Size: 5.6MB
You can add tags and captions to your photos with this virtual lable-maker. Choose from nine tape designs, including white text on black plastic, masking tape, embroidered cloth and postage stames. Swipe across your image to place the label and the text wll appear as you type . The labels can be placed in any direction you like, or around the photo as a frame.

5. Touchnote Postcards ( Send your photos as postcards )
Min requirements: Android 2.1+, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, iOS 3.2+ | Size: 3.8MB
This app creates and sends postcards using your photos, which is a great way of making physical gift out of something digital. Although the app itself is free, it will cost you £1.49 to post each photo postcard, after the first free one. Alternatively ,you can buy packs of 15 postcards, which five free. Delivery to the UK takes one to three working days.

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